About Us

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New Pointe Church is a Bible-based and non-denomination church that exists for people looking for a new beginning. Our church is led by Pastor Tom and Bunmi Cordero. We are casual, contemporary and Christian. Our church creates an atmosphere for people to connect with God and one another, to worship God, to grow spiritually, and to serve one another in the body of Christ

We create an environment where fellowship and knowing each other is encouraged. We meet on Wednesdays for Connect Group where we study God's word intimately to learn how to apply the teachings to our everyday lives.

We usually begin service with praise and worship where we connect with God through contemporary-style music. However, we are not limited to worshipping through music alone. We extend our worship to God through giving our tithes and offerings, our lifestyles and our fruits. "By their fruits, you shall know them" (Mathew 7:16)

Constant studying of God's word enables us to grow as we are usually challenged by our pastor.

At New Pointe Church, there are several opportunities to serve toddlers, teenagers, adults, visitors, etc..

Our Beliefs: